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Airport Security Etiquette Tips

Before you can fly to your vacation destination, you need to get through
the airport security line. No one likes to deal with the TSA, but airport
security is important for everyone’s safety. Thought it’s
very difficult, you should try your best to relax and be polite. If you
observe the following rules of etiquette, you’ll be through security
and on your way to your vacation spot in no time.

Be Prepared

The best way to sail through security is to make sure you’re fully
prepared. When packing your carry-on, leave out the liquids, sharp objects,
and hazardous materials. When you reach the security line, be sure to
have your photo ID and boarding pass easily accessible so the TSA agent
can check it more quickly. As you get close to the scanners, consider
putting the items in your pockets inside your carry-on bag—that
way you’re less likely to lose them.

Be Patient

Everyone in the security line would rather be someplace else. Instead
of complaining loudly and snapping at your fellow air travelers, take
a deep breath and summon all the patience you possess. Once you get to
the scanners, don’t rush to take your shoes off and place your belongings
on the conveyor belt. Make sure the person in front of you has plenty
of space. It’s also good manners to be extra patient with children
and elderly passengers.

Be Attentive

Countless TSA lines have been held up by people who aren’t paying
attention. Make sure you aren’t one of those people. When the line
moves, move with it. When a TSA agent makes an announcement, listen. It’s
particularly important to stay focused when you’re going through
the scanner. Be sure to watch the TSA agent’s cues for when to walk
through the scanner, when to put your arms up, and when to reclaim your

Before you get to the airport security line, you need to find a suitable
place to park. For
airport parking at JFK, turn to the team at Park Plus Airport Parking. Call our JFK parking office
at (718) 529-1234 to learn all about our services.

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