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From shuttles and valet services to parking management and event planning, we provide parking solutions across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and South Florida.
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Facility Services You Can Rely On

Operating across South Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, Park Plus Parking is a leading expert in transportation, parking services, and hospitality. With a team led by seasoned professionals who have decades of experience, our services are backed by extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. Whether you need shuttle services, valet parking, or comprehensive parking management, we’ve got you covered. Experience worry-free parking and transportation with our help.
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Elevate Your Parking & Transportation Needs

From the first moment a car drives onto the lot or a person enters one of our shuttles, we ensure the best customer experience. From luxury valet parking and parking lot management to reliable and convenient shuttle schedules, we adapt to each of our customer’s unique needs. Whether it’s a hospital parking garage or a college campus, our commitment to exceptional and comprehensive service is consistent across the board.
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Trusted Reputation With Decades of Experience

Over the years, Park Plus Parking has built a solid reputation for our exceptional parking services. Our services are trusted by a wide range of high-end clientele, and our commitment to providing reliable and efficient service has set us apart in the industry. Our team members undergo a rigorous, multi-stage training program emphasizing professionalism and skill to ensure every interaction you have with us is of the highest quality.
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Understanding Our Approach

Evaluating Your Space
After you first reach out to us, we will conduct an in-depth assessment of your parking area's size, layout, and capacity to determine optimal usage and flow.
Building a Custom Plan
Once the evaluation is complete, our team works diligently to build a customized plan. This includes revenue optimization strategies and utilization of our advanced technologies.
Integrating the Best Solution
Once you approve, we will ensure quick and seamless integration of the plan into your existing parking environment. We always strive for efficiency.

See the Difference With Us

Take a look at how we’ve handled plenty of parking needs with professionalism and efficiency through our experience and expertise.
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Embassy Suites
Our shuttle service has significantly improved customer satisfaction among our partners by providing reliable and convenient transportation. This has led to a marked increase in repeat business and a boost in revenue streams.
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Renaissance Hotel
Our shuttle service has uplifted our partners' client experience by ensuring punctual and comfortable transit. It has also been directly correlated to a surge in customer loyalty and subsequent business growth.
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Residence Inn by Marriott
The consistent delivery of our dependable shuttle service has bolstered the trust customers place in our partners. Our partners have seen a substantial uptick in client contentment, promoting a stronger, revenue-enhancing return customer base.

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