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In a bustling healthcare facility, every moment counts. Having parking solutions that are convenient and efficient is vital for the safety of all patients. Park Plus Parking provides healthcare parking management across the East Coast, including New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. We understand the need for compassionate service in a field like healthcare. With our help, we can extend that compassion to begin from the moment a person enters the parking lot.
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Superior Valet and Shuttle Services

Valet service is more than a luxury. When time is of the essence, it is an essential part of the patient care experience. We offer professional valet services for healthcare facilities, ensuring every patient is cared for and respected. Our valet attendants provide exceptional service, helping patients with mobility challenges and other health issues to ensure every patient and their vehicle is handled with the best care.
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Ensuring Patients Get Where They Need to Be

The last thing a patient wants to think about during a medical emergency is parking. Our primary focus is helping staff, patients, and their loved ones get to where they need to be easily and comfortably. With our expert team, we can ensure the process of parking and navigating through the hospital is smooth and hassle-free for everyone. This means designing parking solutions that make the journey from the car to your care seamless and unobtrusive.

Efficient Management of Hospital Parking Lots

Managing hospital parking lots is a significant aspect of our healthcare parking services. With a focus on efficiency and safety, our team is experienced in managing high-traffic and complex parking systems. Whether it’s a compact and busy city lot or an extensive parking garage, we have solutions to maximize the functionality and capacity of all parking options. Our years of experience have taught us that quality healthcare parking services can make a significant difference in a patient's hospital experience. Reach out to us to help make that difference.

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Take a look at how we’ve handled plenty of parking needs with professionalism and efficiency through our experience and expertise.
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Embassy Suites
Our shuttle service has significantly improved customer satisfaction among our partners by providing reliable and convenient transportation. This has led to a marked increase in repeat business and a boost in revenue streams.
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Renaissance Hotel
Our shuttle service has uplifted our partners' client experience by ensuring punctual and comfortable transit. It has also been directly correlated to a surge in customer loyalty and subsequent business growth.
shuttle van parked outside hotel
Residence Inn by Marriott
The consistent delivery of our dependable shuttle service has bolstered the trust customers place in our partners. Our partners have seen a substantial uptick in client contentment, promoting a stronger, revenue-enhancing return customer base.

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