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When it comes to managing university parking and college parking, one size definitely does not fit all. Serving Connecticut, New Jersey, New York State, and Florida, Park Plus Parking understands the unique needs of each educational institution. We offer customized parking management solutions tailored to meet your campus's specific requirements. Our experienced staff works closely with you to build packages that fit your needs, always prioritizing student safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s shuttles, valet parking, or parking management, our staff can help with our decades of experience.
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Enhancing Campuses With Parking Management

Experience our blend of technology and expertise with our university parking management. Our team analyzes your parking challenges and designs a unique strategy to maximize parking efficiency and minimize congestion. Whether you require increased parking capacity during peak move-in periods or need to streamline parking for special events, we have you covered. We strive to ensure parking regulations are adhered to, promoting fairness and efficiency always. Our enforcement services leverage the newest technologies to monitor parking usage and enforce rules, too.
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Shuttle Services to Connect Campus Communities

Our college parking services aren’t only about managing spaces, however. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we also offer shuttle services to help people navigate campus with ease. From on-campus shuttles to transportation for off-campus events, our team ensures a safe and convenient experience for students and faculty alike. We understand the importance of timely transportation in academic and athletic environments, so we work tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly. We even have real-time live-tracking technology included in our shuttles.

Streamlining Parking With Event Management

Managing parking for large events can be a logistical nightmare. With our event management services, we take this worry off your hands. Our team plans and executes valet parking for you, ensuring smooth traffic flow and a pleasant experience for guests and students. Park Plus Parking is more than a parking management company. We are your partners in creating a seamless, efficient, and pleasant parking experience. Whether you need customized management, valet services, shuttle transportation, or event planning, we have the technology and expertise to deliver. Reach out to us today and let us transform your university and college parking experience.

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Take a look at how we’ve handled plenty of parking needs with professionalism and efficiency through our experience and expertise.
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Embassy Suites
Our shuttle service has significantly improved customer satisfaction among our partners by providing reliable and convenient transportation. This has led to a marked increase in repeat business and a boost in revenue streams.
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Renaissance Hotel
Our shuttle service has uplifted our partners' client experience by ensuring punctual and comfortable transit. It has also been directly correlated to a surge in customer loyalty and subsequent business growth.
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Residence Inn by Marriott
The consistent delivery of our dependable shuttle service has bolstered the trust customers place in our partners. Our partners have seen a substantial uptick in client contentment, promoting a stronger, revenue-enhancing return customer base.

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